Tool Box

For me, I had looked for years for something that I could use to help me through my journey without it being a pill that would completely numb me, get me addicted. I searched and search and found that Essential Oils was what I was looking for.  I have studied them for years and  stepped in as a practicing Health and Wellness Advocate and began to use them at Divine Healing and Retreat Center and use them at all of our Healing Weekend.  I happened to be at a Seminar where I watched a woman work with a another that had dealt with PTSD, Anxiety, ADD and other physical ailments. I was excited to see that these all natural oils work to help support our body and allows our bodies to heal.  I offer them here because they have been  a “life saver” to me and many others that I have worked with. There are a wonderful tool for those wanting a natural solution for their physical health and also for the emotional health.  You can go to website listed below and order them but I would prefer you to email so that we can set up a consult before you do. Please make sure you email me so that I can begin to help you with a mentorship program so you know what to use and how to use them. Chartdo terra feetEmotion Touch